Week 2 (June 5 - June 11)

This week, I was still becoming familiar with all of the new software and programming code for the robots. Dr. Jenkins informed us about several different tutorials and online "cheat sheets" that would help us learn the new coding easier. In the lab this week we mostly worked on the second assignment that Dr. Jenkins assigned the interns called "Object Seeking", which was to have a Playstation 3 Move camera be able to recognize the AR Tags, then move towards different AR Tags in a specific order. We also had to program the robot to search for an AR Tag and move to it after it finds it, and then find different AR Tags in a specific order by the symbol on them. This assignment was much more difficult that the first one. We began by having the camera first identify AR tags with AR Recognition programming code. Also this week, we began working with the AR Drone helicopters and downloaded the software needed before we could program them fly and control them while flying.

An "iota" AR Tag
The green rectangle is used to show that the camera recognizes the AR tag. The AR Drone Parrot Quadricopter

This is a video of the first assignment that we were asked to do in the lab with the iRobot Create called "Enclosure Escape". We had to program the robot so that when it bumped into an obstacle, it would know to turn and go in a different direction.