Joi's Research Experience

Welcome to My Webpage!

 My name is Joi Upton. I am an 

undergraduate student at the 

University of the District of 

Columbia majoring in Computer Science. 

I am currently a junior and plan to 

graduate in 2012. Hopeful to later get

 my masters in Software Engineering or

 Computer Science. My first research

 experience was conducted at 

Auburn University working with Human

 Computer Interaction.

Email: joi.au22@yahoo.com


Human Computer Interaction
I was involved in a research program entitled Distributed Research Experiences 
for Undergraduates(DREU). I worked with my mentor Dr. Chery Seals on 
Human Computer Interaction. Dr. Seals is a professor at Auburn University 
at the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering in the Computer Science and Software 
Engineering Department. Some of her research experience includes educational 
gaming and Human Computer Interaction. 

Human Computer Interaction is the relationship and study between humans and 
computers. Our main focus was on educational gaming. The interaction occurs on 
the user interface. The SMART Table is a multi touch, multi user platform that can 
track and identify numerous objects simultaneously when placed on top of its surface.

The SMART Table Users interacting on the SMART Table

The goal was to use the SMART Table to study Human Computer Interaction and 
incorporate it educational gaming. Me and my partner focused on early education. 
We used early elementary students as our targeted audience and concentrated solely 
on their mathematical skill and development.  Since technology is advancing at such a 
fast rate, we want include more technology in the classroom to stem away from the teacher 
centered classrooms and get the students more  involved in the lesson. Technology is being 
used in a lot of middle schools and more than half of high schools, so why not get students 
more involved and comfortable at a young age? The SMART Table is not the first multi touch, 
multi user interface but it is the first to be used for educational purposes. Computers are already 
in the classrooms so it's time to take it up a level. In order to develop this design, we had to study 
the fields of Human Computer Interaction and virtual environments. We then moved onto the SMART 
Table and studied its architecture, history and initial purpose.  The SMART Table was implemented in 
C#. Since that was a new language for us, we also had to study and learn that language as well. Our 
final stages were to implement and test our application.