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week eleven

Monday 8/3 - Friday 8/7: done but not quite!

I spent three frantic hours in the lab on Monday trying to finish the last bit of debugging (resoldering loose LEDs, repainting weak traces, figuring out what was shorted) before flying out of Cambridge and back to sunny Florida. Iím glad to say that all the circuitry was taken care of and Dr. Buechley only had to tweak some of the calibration values in the code to get the pages working.

However, my adventures are not over yet. Iíve spent the past week working with Dr. Buechley on the research paper for my summer project, mostly drawing the diagrams for various sensors and switches. Dr. Buechley is interested in submitting this paper to the Tangible Embedded Interaction conference, which is going to be held at the Media Lab in January. Iíve sent my draft to Dr. Buechley and am eagerly waiting to hear back about the conference.

Overall Iíve had an absolutely incredible summer and cannot wait to go back!

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