Week 10

Writing Papers Is Not My Favourite Thing

I was working on my final report today. I was thinking I might look at it over the weekend but I didn't. I have gone through the teacher feedback forms and created a breakdown of teachers by grade, lesson plans by subject and the 400 object requests. When my writing brain is tired I keep working on the improper fractions story.

Report and Progress

I finished my draft copy of the final report today. Professor Rodger will read it over and give me feedback tomorrow.

Saving The World

I always found it humerus during the workshops when we would ask everyone to "save your world". It makes me think we should all be super heroes with red capes. I went many of the Alice worlds I created and posted them onto the web. I have also started to work on creating movies of some of them so you don't have to download Alice to view them.

Professor Rodger gave me some helpful feedback and I have made most of the changes to my report.

Preparing for the Last Day

I finished up with spreadsheet and demographic information. Still finishing up posting worlds and polishing my report.

The Last Day

My report is finished, I am fixing up my web page, and clearing off my desk. We went out for lunch together to conclude the Alice research for the summer.

It has been a great summer and I know that this experience will have a positive impact on my future.

Alice Material

Okay so I couldn't leave the last week without any pictures. Here is some of the screen shots of the Alice worlds I worked on. These can be found on the Adventures in Alice Programming website. These were done for the 2009 workshops.

This art model is a character made from simple shapes. One of the art teachers had asked for something like this. I have a short youtube video of it on a previous weeks blog.

This is an interactive game... well really it is a quiz, but game sounds a whole lot more fun than quiz. The idea is you have to give the right answer for area and perimeter for a square, rectangle and circle.

I think this one is my favourite. Rounding world is where you have to click on the correct number based on a place value and then determine if the number rounds up or stays the same.

This was the tutorial I presented at the different workshops. The teachers were learning how to program a quiz using three kinds of questions.

This was a story from a really interesting math book. It explains how to use the MAD method for creating improper fractions.