About Me


School: The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP).
Majors: Mathematics, Biology, and Computer Science.
Grade Level: Undergraduate (Senior)
Expected Graduation: May 2009
Email: brendamedina1@gmail.com
Member of: The Vision, Learning, and Language Lab (VL^3) at UTEP


On my spare time I like to read, I enjoy writing both fiction and non-fiction, and I like visiting museums but above all my passion is learning; learning as much as possible and across a broad range of subjects and topics. My hobbies also include playing and watching soccer, playing tennis, and playing the piano (novice-level); I love comedy; I enjoy watching comedy movies (although, my favorite movie is Star Wars) and attending stand-up comedy. I also like to listen to music, my favorite band is the ultimate band “The Beatles”.

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