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Welcome to My Webpage


HI there ! I am Hanan! I'm Glad you found me! Wanna know more about me? Grab a chair! and some popcorn! Imma tell you the story!

Hanan Alnizami, that's me, is an International Student from Jordan currently attending Youngstown State University persuing a Bachelors in Information Technology with a minor in Graphic Design.

"Hanna", as everyone else calls me, is a hard worker. She is an ambitious, determined person that strives to learn about everything that's new and interesting. In spring of 08, she had became a part of a big research project related to the area of video and image analysis  led by Professor Yong Zhang, constructing a facial recognition database, that's criteria is collected by video and broken down to frames. Along with her teammate, she hopes to write a publication soon.

 Recently, She was very fortunate to get in the DMP CRA-W, research experience for undergraduate students at UNCC for the summer of 2008. Since graduate school is her next new future plan, this opportunity will equipt her with some experience, feed her appetite to learn new ways and expand her horizon, along with increasing her knowledge and give her a feel of what graduate school is really like.

A year from today, Hanna is graduating! Only then, her dream will come true. She will applyto graduate school and succeed and become an important role in society. Until then, feel free to browse her page. She will keep you updated :)

To check her DMP blog please click here.