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Summer 2007 Internship at Duke University
 sponsored by
Computing Research Association Distributed Mentor Project (CRA-W DMP)


I investigated ways to train educators to incorporate computer programming concepts and animations to teach basic coursework, such as math, science, and/or history. Ideally, teachers will learn basic computer programming skills (using the Alice programming language) and utilize those skills to create virtual worlds that their students can either modify or assist in creating, which will illustrate some of their other coursework. Alice animations can be used to enhance mulitiplication skills, for example, or to help teach a history lesson. During the course of this project, I will be learning the Alice programming language and creating learning and teaching modules for school teachers at the K-12 level. If this learning group is too broad, we will hone in on a smaller target.

Here are some images from the completed DinoGame:


This is the opening screen that displays the introduction. The user clicks on the "next" sphere to view the instructions, or types an "x" to skip the instructions and select a player token.

In the images below, first the girl is instructing the user to click once on an image to select the game character. If the girl is selected, the score will be displayed in magenta. If the boy is selected, the color of the score display will be orange. In the second image, the user clicked on the female icon, and the screen changed to the initial game screen where the character tells the user to press the "s" key to start the questioning.

9 10


Here's a sample question. The user clicks on a sphere to select a response. In this example, the character tells the player that he or she selected an incorrect answer.

If the user clicks on the sphere next to "I don't know" the character announces that he or she will show which is the correct response. The correct response changes color while pivoting around in a circle.


When the game ends, the player is redirected to a screen displaying the game statistics.11          

view the quiz (download this AliceWorld, then load in Alice)


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