Professor Jessica K. Hodgins

Jessica at SIGGRAPH 2003

Jessica K. Hodgins attended the Georgia Institute of Technology, and later earned her PhD at Carnegie Mellon University's School of Computer Science. She returned to Georgia Tech as a professor in the College of Computing, subsequently founding the Animation Lab. In a similar vein, when she moved back to Pittsburgh, she created the Mocap lab at CMU to facilitate her research. Jessica is very involved in robotics and computer graphics, taking on many hats (and badges) for the Association for Computing Machinery's annual SIGGRAPH conference, and is, notably, a CRA-W DMP Co-Coordinator. For her scholarship, she has received numerous fellowship grants and the distinction of being an NSF Young Investigator. She resides in Pittsburgh with her husband, Chris, in a big house filled with nifty objets d'art and a pond filled with koi. For a more detailed biography with pictures, please visit her Unofficial Photographic Biography.

Profile photo from SIGGRAPH 2003.