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Interaction Lab

My name is Helena Wotring and I am a senior at Washington University in St. Louis.  I started my college experience as a pre-medical student majoring in Biochemistry and Spanish, and last year officially transferred to a major in Computer Science with a minor in Robotics and I plan to graduate in Fall 2007.  Academically I love engineering and art, although I do not get to express my creative side as often.

Outside of classes I am an active member of St. Louis Osuwa Taiko, a local community taiko group.  Taiko is a modern form of Japanese drumming that incorporates many traditional art forms as well as a newer, about 40-50 year old, jazz ensemble style.  I also just finished a stead as president of our university's Science Fiction and Fantasy club, which in my opinion every university must have.  I am also in Mu Phi Gamma, a local social sorority at WashU.  Here, I am currently serving as webmistress, fraternity education director, and risk management director.

Completely non-academically I'm interested in reading and watching good science fiction and fantasy media of all sorts, watching good anime in its native language, biking, swimming, and general goofing off.  You can get the general gist of a lot of the things I'm in by visiting my website.

I can be best contacted by e-mail or by owl post as I tend to wander around a lot or just generally space out.