About me


My name is Plamena Nikolaeva Petrova. I am 19 years old, born in Varna, Bulgaria on October 31, 1986. I moved to the states on May 13, 2000 and since then I have lived in Houston, TX. I am Bulgarian and I am proud of it, and yes I do speak Bulgarian:). I am alsoTexan.  I am currently taking  German at Cornell. I plan to do a study abroad in Germany junior year. I listen to mostly all kinds of music, even country on occasions and like to dance and the goal right now is to learn to dance like Shakira. I have a 12 year old German Shephard named Arni and i absolutely love him. He is like the big brother i never had.

I am a member of the International Folk Dancing Club, .. international, international but mostly Eastern European;) and BULGARIAN. Of course what follows is that I am also a member of the Bulgarian Club. I took the folk dancing PE class because I thought that it will be fun plus since the instructors said that they know a lot of bulgarian dances i hoped that they will be able to teach me some of the harder ones that we(bulgarians) don't normally dance at parties or weddings. That turned out to be the case and I ended up staying for the club meetings after class and going to the different workshops that the club sponsored. The story with the bulgarian club is different of course, i found out about it before i even got to cornell. Unfortunately it is not very active but i am going to do the best i can to make it as active and public as possible and have a tent at the World Fair at the end of the year along with a dance presentation from the Folk Dancing Club.

Since I was a MechE I also joined ASME but there isn't that much to say about that since we had only two meetings the entire year.

Finally, I am a member of Women Across Computing at Cornell, which is a new organization whose goal is to involve more women in the fields of Computer Science and Computing. As of this semester, I am also a member of the Cornell University Autonomous Underwater Vehicle(CUAUV) Project Team. I am part of the Software sub-team and will be working on mission logic.

I also enjoy rollerblading, although it is hard to do with all the hills at Cornell and the heat and humidity in Houston:). I used to play basketball long time ago too and occasinally shoot a hoop now-days. And last of the sports is badminton, love it but its always hard to find people to play with. I like to stimulate my heard with LEGO's, JigSaw Puzzles, computer adventure games, crossword puzzles. For fun you can trow in a party, two or three on friday/saturday nights at cornell, coffee, shopping, cooking most likely too, taking pictures of stuff, playing in the snow or laying in a quad if i happen to have some free time. 

Interests: Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, LEGO, Rube Goldberg machines, History of the Hunsd the Bulgars (Dulo line), Rollerblading, Badminton, Frisbee, Basketball, Dancing and Partying, Foreign Languages, Puzzles,Knitting, Drawing, Cooking, Thunderstorms and Rain, Tetris, Clothing, Adventure and Quest computer games, Card games, Sky gazing, Walking around.