Cornell University

I go to Cornell University and I absolutely love it. I am currently a sophomore Class of 2009 majoring in Computer Science. I came as a Mechanical Engineering Major wanting to double major with Computer Science as any other person interested in robotics would do but things changed and for many reasons I changed my major. adoes not know yet because we have not yet declared majors but at the end of this year it will be official. Now - Computer Science is in the Engineering School! I plan on attempting to do a minor in MechE so I will take some classes there too, i would especially like to take Mechatronics. Depending on how things go I may stay at Cornell during the summer of '07 doing research and taking some MechE classes. After senior year I will either stay at Cornell for the M-Eng program or go to a different school for my Master of Science.

It was the last of ten schools I applied to and I didn't even know what it was, my family just had friends who did research there and told me to apply. I got my last letter from Cornell and it wasn't until then that I found out how great it is. However once i got there it wasnt great anymore - it became fabulous.

While some schools have only social life and others only academic, Cornell with its in-the-middle-of-nowhere location has everything a college student can need or want. Yes we may not have the hottest clubs in the country but who needs them when our parties are just as good and are free?! Yes we may be the poorest Ivy-League but that just means that we aren't stuck up. And last but not least, we have real Quads!

But no matter how much I brag, unless you experience it you won't believe it.