Distributed Mentor Project 2006

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I'm Emma Miller and I recently graduated from Mills College (Oakland, CA) with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science. My main areas of interests are operating systems and networking, and currently I am considering whether to go to graduate school or get a job. This summer I am working with Professor Carla Ellis at Duke University as part of the CRA-W's Distributed Mentor Project. This website describes my participation in the DMP and the project that I will be working on.


The wireless sensor network simulator is part of a larger project currently being developed at Duke. The project involves deploying five sensor networks, each comprising of twenty nodes, into the Duke Forest. The nodes' sensors collect data on light, soil moisture, and temperature levels, and the data is transmited by radio to a central base station. The information retrieved will be used to study biodiversity, carbon levels and its affect on forests, and to predict future environmental change.

Various tools are being designed to control, monitor, and test the network, and to analyse, measure, and model the data. The simulator will assist in testing the network before it is deployed to ensure that it collects useful data and is reliable and efficient. The simulator models aspects of the network such as node radio protocols and communication, and power consumption.