I was born into the Leo constellation and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania until I began attending Fordham University in Bronx, New York. If I've played my cards right, and emassed enough four-leaf clovers, rabbit feet, and Canadian pennies, I'll receive Bachelor's degrees in American Studies and Computer Science in May 2007. Currently, my post-graduation plan entails having some sort of plan in place by post-graduation.

     This year, I will be president of the University Concert Choir and the Society of Computer Science. I am also involved in Pride Alliance (a GLBT organization), The Ampersand literary magazine, ACM, and various community service work, in particular the Rosedale Achievement Center for girls in the South Bronx.

     Outside of conducting the above (i.e., sometime around 3am Monday through Thursday, 4pm Sunday, EST), my avocations include puzzles, running after wayward tennis balls, reading, chugging coffee, brushing my teeth, (missing) cooking, learning Russian, to-do lists, making list of to-do lists to locate, update, or consolidate, and gorging myself on the Big Apple.

If you would like to communicate with me for any reason—and please do—I can best by reached by email at least 2384 times a day at: kwait [at] fordham [dot] edu.

My cat is much more photogenic than I am, so above is a picture of him.

A Few References from the Bibliography of "The Player"