About Me!

Hi! My name is Holly Esquivel. I'm currently attending University of Nebraska at Kearney (UNK) where I'll be a senior computer science comprehensive major. Our department consists of Computer Science and Information Systems and I plan to graduate in May 2007. I'm a member of UNK's Honors Student Advisory Board (HSAB), treasurer for Stout Hall Council (2006-2007), and president of our local ACM chapter.

I choose to go to UNK because it was close to home while still being far enough away to be away from home. The chair of the Computer Science and Information Systems when I came for my campus tour was very friendly and explained a lot about the department to me. It was clear to me that if I went to UNK I wouldn't just be a number and I would have the chance of a lifetime to be involved in whatever I choose to be. Over the years the original feeling I got from UNK hasn't changed. I look forward to spending one more year in Kearney before I graduate and head on to graduate school in computer science.

This past spring I became a National Student Exchange student. I decided to spend a semester at Iowa State to see if I would like to go to graduate school there, and I wanted the experience of being in another computer science department. The decision helped me to understand the great differences between a school of 6,000 and one of 20,000. While I was in Iowa I learned a lot about living on my own and working on a vast array different types of projects with groups of people. I believe that it was essential growth that contributed to my desire to participate in the CRA-W DMP program.

Before applying to be in the CRA-W DMP program I had received a grant to continue my research work in Artificial Intelligence with Dr. John Hastings over the summer. He encouraged me to apply to the DMP program because my research work at my home university could be done when I returned. Since I knew that I wanted to do research work for the summer I took his advice and applied to the DMP program. When I was notified of my selection he encouraged me to take advantage of the opportunity and I did. I have to admit that I was worried about moving literately half way across the county and I didn't know if I was ready to move away from everything I had known all my life. I had never even visited any place on the east coast. My fear did not stop me from coming to Delaware though, and it's been the experience of a life time in all aspects of my life.

DMP has literally changed my life. So many various things happen when you try something new in life and this experience was no different. I learned what to do when your car breaks down in the middle of no where, when a screw goes through a brand new tire, when you break your new computer, when your car floods twice and when someone vandalizes your car. I learned how to live without all the luxuries, to find the building I worked in and call the new place where you work a home. I learned to work with totally different types of people and how to work on a type of research project that I had never even heard of. I enjoyed my time in Delaware but it also made me appreciate some of the simplicities of home and being close to family and friends.

It's been nearly ten months since I've been at my home university and I hope to pick up on my research there as well as finish up my current research at the University of Delaware. After my experience at the University of Delaware I plan to go on to graduate school for sure. My ultimate goal is to get my Ph. D in Computer Science and work in one of the research labs across the country. I've learned how to do research more effectively and complete the various tasks that come along with the research like papers, projects and posters. The DMP program has helped me decide to continue my studies in computer science.

I hope this has helped you understand a little about me and my life.


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Holly Esquivel
E-mail: esquivelhm@unk.edu