Project Description

Advisors: Beth Simon, William G. Griswold
Team Members: Tamara Denning, Michael Kelly, David Lindquist, Roshni Malani
Location: University of California, San Diego

Ubiquitous Presenter (UP) is an outgrowth of University of Washington's Classroom Presenter (CP), a program that uses Tablet PC ink to allow instructors to annotate pre-prepared slides and students to create submissions for in-class activities. UP extends this functionality by taking many of CP's features onto the web.

My Project

One of the advantages of using student submissions for in-class activites is that it is a scalable alternative to student whiteboard work in large-scale classrooms. The large number of incoming submissions, however, are difficult for the instructor to handle in the classroom environment; without a teaching assistant to look through and suggest submissions to review in class, the load can become difficult to handle. Student Submission Rater (SSR) is an add-on to UP that takes the load off of the instructor by distributing it to the students - after creating a submission, the student is asked to rate other submissions based on parameters of interest (e.g. correctness, whether or not to discuss). These ratings are then displayed both online and in the UP client in an easy-to-read consumer dot format.