The VICON Camera system at the motion capture lab uses 12 cameras that are either attached to the ceiling or standing on tripods, depending on how close they need to be/ how small or detailed the markers are placed. The first step is calibrating the system in order for the system to know the location of each camera. This is used by waving a wand with three markers positioned at set distances from one another. The floor plane also needs to be located by placing a level l frame with markers on it. Now you're ready to capture. Depending on the type of capture you are doing the markers are placed differently. If it's a full body capture the person puts on a full body spandex suit and 41 markers are placed to construct a skeleton. If it is a less involved capture then less markers are used. In order for the VICON IQ software to create a skeleton when you capture you first need to do a Range of Motion and a Motorcycle Pose. A Range of Motion is when the person goes through and rotates and flexes each joint. A motorcycle is a stationary pose where each joint is bent. After the data is captured it needs to be cleaned. Here we get rid of ghost markers and fill in gaps. After it is cleaned we make c3d files. Sometimes ASF and AMC files need to be made as well, this uses VICON BodyBuilder Software.