This project studied whether human participants associate more with human like renders or simplistic forms. An actor was captured and video taped moving his hand vertically and horizontally against the beat of a metronome. His motion was then applied to different models and rendered into videos. Each type of video has 2 orientations vertical and horizontal and each orientation has 2 different prefaces one that says "Move Horizontally" and one that says "Move Vertically." This is what captures the essence of the project. The directions may be the same as the video that the participant is seeing this is for the control. The other half of the videos are the opposite of what the participant is seeing therefore the participant needs to not follow visual cues or be tempted to follow the rendering in front of them. Total there are 16 videos. These videos were now shown to participants. There are 16 different video orders so the order that they are shown does not affect the outcome. When a subject comes in a reflective marker is placed on their right hand for the first experiment and 2 on the right and one on the left for the second.