Me on Crime Wave at Six Flags in August 2004

Hi and Welcome to my DMP page! Use the bridge above to navigate through my site and learn about my research experience over Summer 2005 at Penn State.


The program

The Distributed Mentor Project (DMP) is put on by the Computing Research Association's Committee on the Status of Women in Computing Research (CRA-W). I was selected to participate, and paired with a professor at another university who had research goals in areas I expressed interest in. I then got the opportunity to participate in a project with my mentor and her research team at my host institution for 10 weeks.

My project

Basic Resources for Integrated Distributed Group Environments, or BRIDGE, is a project of Penn State's Computer-Supported Collaboration and Learning Lab. It was originally developed at Virginia Tech's Center for Human-Computer Interaction (CHCI). It supports building synchronous, web-accessible, multi-user, collaborative software, which has been used in projects such as TeacherBridge and NAVCIITI. The ongoing development of applications for BRIDGE includes mobile applications and extensive end-user tools.

The main thing I'll be working on in BRIDGE is creating a smart RSS feed. It will provide users with information on BRIDGE objects that have been changed, including who the changes were made by, and information on what the changes were, if they were relevant changes. This will be determined on an object by object basis, and will involve finding out from user evaluations what types of information users collaborating need to be aware of. I will also study how the RSS feed impacts project work in the computer-supported collaborative environment.

Ready to cross?

'Cross what?', you say. The bridge of course! Insert 'Ohhhhhhh' moment here. Or maybe I'm not as witty as I think. In any case, use the bridge picture above to navigate the site and learn more!