Past Work

Spring 2005:

Computer Science 246: Programming Paradigms - Game Design and Programming

Political Science 121: American Politics

College Seminar: Patterns of Detection

Hebrew 102: Readings in the Book of Genesis

Music 102: Chorale

Fall 2004:

Computer Science 231: Discrete Mathematics

Computer Science 245: Programming Languages

Hebrew 101: Readings in the Book of Genesis

Summer 2004:

Calculus 101: Calculus/Analytic Geometry I

Spring Semester 2004:

Computer Science 206: Data Structures

Hebrew 002: Introductory Hebrew

Anthropology 102: Cultural Anthropology

Archaeology 102: Classical Archaeology

Fall Semester 2003:

Computer Science 110: Intro to Computing

Hebrew 001: Introductory Hebrew

College Seminar: The Injured Child in Psychology and Literature