About Me

Name: Julia Ferraioli ; Me at Garden Party

Email: jferraio [at] brynmawr [dot] edu

School: Bryn Mawr College ; My Dorm

Status: Junior, Independent Major in Computer Science, Computer Science Department

Computer Science Department ; as of Spring 2005

Expected Graduation Date: 13 May 2007

Mentoring Institution: University of Maryland Baltimore County

Mentoring Department: Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

UMBC Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

Status: Intern/DMP Participant

Jobs Held:

Computer Science 110 Teaching Assistant

Eugenia Chase Guild Student Technical Assistant

Eugenia Chase Guild Professional Technical Assistant


Besides the obvious reply of programming, computers and the web, I love to read, to GPS, to travel, to hang out with my friends and be a geek. I'm an avid fan of everything Bryn Mawr, especially of Traditions! I suppose that at some point I should have specified career interests, but at this point, I'm just having fun immersing myself in college life.

Website: Bryn Mawr Site -- a blank site for now...waiting for time to work on it!

Family Pictures:

My Family

Suzi and Me

Ccino, my dog