The usual info

NameDr. Linda Shapiro
Professor of Computer Science and Engineering
Professor of Electrical Engineering
Adjunct Professor of Biomedical and Health Informatics
SchoolUniversity of Washington
DepartmentComputer Science and Engineering
Areas of researchComputer Vision
with related interests in
artificial intelligence, databases, and applications to robotics and medicine

Details, details...

Me, Dr. Shapiro, and Tejinder at lunch

Dr. Shapiro helped me out while I was working out the details of my participation in the DMP. A few times, I asked her for help, comments, etc. over email and she always replied very promptly.

When Tejinder and I met Dr. Shapiro for the first time, she explained to us two projects that we could work on and gave us readings on both projects; she took the time to do that even though she was sick, which I thought was nice of her.

I also wanted to mention that Lorraine Evans, Program Coordinator at UW, helped us out tremendously with finding lodging and sharing information about UW and Seattle. She even checked out some of the places we were thinking of renting for us! She really made moving to Seattle a lot easier for us.