DMP Research : Summer 2004
 DMP Research : Summer 2004

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Lin Kuang

    Hi my name is Lin, and I am a 4th year  Electrical Engineering and Computer Science major from the College of Engineering at UC Berkeley.

    Last summer, I was very delighted to be selected by DMP and got an opportunity to do research in computer graphics with Professor Jessica Hodgins at Carnegie Mellon University. It turned out to be a great success for me, and Jessica has given me lots of inspiration and encouragement.

    My experience through DMP showed me how meaningful and rewarding a hands-on research can be, and it opened to me a world full of opportunity and challenges, a world that I am sure I want to be a part of.

    So I am back, as a member of the DMP family, with a heart that is eager for challenge, and a mind that is eager for new knowledge.

    This summer, I will be working on a project in protein folding with Professor Lydia Kavraki in the Bioinformatics Laboratory in the CS department at Rice University. Lydia's research interests are bioinformatics, robotics, and physical algorithms. My focus this summer will be on protein folding trajectory comparison and critical even detection. I will be writing weekly journals to track my progress as the project goes along.

    Please email be for any recommendations on my project and my website.

    May you have a summer full of achievements and joy! 


Lin Kuang

Contact Info: klin7. AT.


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Final Project Report