Dong-Hui Xu
DMP Experience 2004

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I am an undergraduate student in my senior year at DePaul University, Chicago, majoring in Computer Science. I am very excited that I was selected to participate in CRA-W's prestigious Distributed Mentor Project. This summer, I am working on techniques for selecting proper texture scales and extracting texture features from color images and gray level images.


With the dramatic increase of the number of images available in databases, there is a great demand for new approaches in image analysis, segmentation, classification, and retrieval. Texture is one of the most heavily used characteristics in a wide variety of image processing problems, particularly in medical image interpretation. Since texture is a “local neighborhood property,” it is important to compute texture features at an appropriate scale.

Goal of the Project:

I will implement a texture scale selection algorithm and apply it on various texture features and different domains of images.


Dr. Shapiro, your influence, encouragement and wisdom guided me through each step of the project. Yi, thank you for your assistance and patience. Dr. Raicu, Dr. Furst and Dr. Cunny, thank you for encouraging me participate in this program.