Summer CRA-W Distributed Mentor Project

     Final Report

As discussed in my DMP internship diary, my final project was to write a whitepaper on Geocollaboration.  A "whitepaper" is exploratory, i.e., since I'm a newcomer to Geographic Information Systems and Human Computer Interaction, it's not quite research-grade.  As Mary Beth said, it's a "a stake in the ground" that lets people know what you're interested in and suggests possibilities to get a discourse ball rolling.

Synopsis: My "stake" (maybe more of a toothpick) in the ground is a walkthrough of some issues related to Geocollaboration:

1. a sample insurance risk-assessment scenario in the aftermath of a hurricane (Charley was imminent when I began writing it)

2. a discussion of some requirements in designing a geocollaborative tool

3. and a comparison of current geocollaborative tool architectures: the map tool in Bridge and Toucan Navigate in Groove.

It's all over the map, so to speak.

"Geocollaborafrankenstein: A Novice's Walkthrough of Geocollaboration"   pdf (335 KB)   doc (178 KB)

[Disclaimer: It's a roundabout 20 pages long, and a lot is just conjecture, so readers beware.] Whether or not anyone actually reads it, it was fun to write.  I was forced to really think about application design and developing for real-time, multi-user interaction on a detailed level.  Since most undergraduate CS education is structured for you, writing this paper enabled me to get a feel for what it means to constructively forge your own problems in computer science/engineering and was a great keyhole to research in that regard.

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