Research Plan

Work Schedule: Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Office Location: Bright 419B

Research Topic: Algorithms for anycast routing, with attention to QoS.

Research Goals: The goal of this project is to evaluate the performance of two new anycast routing algorithms. The evaluation will be done by reproducing simulations used by other researchers in the field, and comparing the performance of the new algorithms to that of the the previous algorithms. Emphasis will be placed on theoretical aspects of the topic.

Tasks: Read and summarize several papers written by researchers in the field. Identify the simulation environments and mathematics used in each algorithm. Report on the complexity and behavior of each algorithm. Create network simulations and use them to compare the performance of the new algorithms to that of the old ones. Provide a description of the results, including a written report, graphs, and charts. Post the final results on a website.

Task/Completion Date:
T1 Read and summarize papers - June 14th
T2 Report on math, complexity, post results to a website - June 18th
T3 Finish programming simulation - August 2nd
T4 Finish debugging and extensive testing - August 9th
T5 Present results in written report, on poster, and on website - August 16th

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