Distributed Mentor Project: Mentoring Undergraduate Women in Computing Research Katherine Lau
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Overall Research Project: Intelligent Interfaces for Searching, Managing, and Sharing the Scientific Literature
I am researching interface design and computer-supported cooperative work (CSCW). My part of the project is to design and develop a collaborative interface for DynaCat, a system that dynamically categorizes search results, so that individuals and groups may understand, explore and share those results. Collaborative interface features include search paths, annotations, and chats or electronic messaging.

The members of the iMed (medical informatics) research team are my mentor (Prof. Pratt), three graduate students (Meliha, Kent and Andrea), a researcher (Jinmei), and three undergraduate students (Kris, Meredith, and me)!

Medical informatics is the field devoted to using technology to improve health care, patient care, medical education, and health science research. AMIA (the American Medical Informatics Association) is the U.S. national organization for medical informatics.

[Meliha, Andrea, Arati (fellow DMP intern), Kris, me, Kent, Prof. Pratt]