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Name: Jessie Burger.

Age: 21.

Partner: Aaron Archer Waterman, whom I've been with for 4 years and lived with for 3 years. He makes a pretty decent roommate, actually. ;-)

Hometown: Redding, California, which is located at the top of the Sacramento River Valley and the bottom of the Cascade Mountain range. Redding is roughly 2 hours south of Oregon, 2 hours north of Sacramento, 2 hours east of the Pacific Ocean, and 2 hours west of Nevada, but very far from any place you're likely to want to be. It is pretty, though.

Current Residence(s): Yardley, Pennsylvania, Ewing, New Jersey, and Roxbury, Vermont.

Occupation: Undergraduate Student.

School: The College of New Jersey in Ewing, New Jersey.

Major: Computer Science.

Minors: Psychology and Women's and Gender Studies.

Expected Graduation Date: May 2004 (I took a semester off to earn money for school, and I'm taking an extra semester to accommodate my research and double minors).

What I Want To Do After Graduation: Travel through Europe in the summer and begin graduate school in the fall.

Where I Want To Go To Graduate School: My top choice is University of California San Diego, followed by University of Hawaii, University of California Santa Barbara, University of California Santa Cruz, and University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, among others. Really, any place warm will do. I'm tired of shovelling snow.

Research Interests: All aspects of Artificial Intelligence. I have a fair amount of experience with Machine Learning techniques, Information Retrieval, Natural Language Processing, and Question Answering Systems, and will likely pursue some combination of these areas in graduate school.

Career Goals: Earn my Ph.D., teach at a university where I can continue performing research, and increase the number of women in Computer Science.

E-mail Address: burger3 (at) tcnj (dot) edu