Research Project


The project for the summer is to run TPC workloads on the Staged Database System that is currently being built at Carnegie Mellon University.


In order to be able to run TPC workloads on the system, many things have to be taken care of. First of all, there are many operators that still need to be implemented, namely "hash join", "insert", and "update." I will be implementing these along with the help of Vlad, one of the graduate students.

Also, in order to run TPC workloads on the staged system, we need to be able to run both tpc-c and tpc-h on DB2. The second half of my project will deal with creating python scripts that will work with both the tpc-c and tpc-h toolkits. They will communicate with Lisa's server which will allow the user of the applet to initialize, run and stop the benchmarks for DB2.

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