DataSet 522

The first project I worked on focused on visualizing structures created over the surface of a wind tunnel. Vicki and her grad student, Tim, were working on a joint project with a few professors and graduate students from the aerospace department: Dr. Ellen Longmire, Dr. Ivan Marusic and their grad student, Bugs. We attended weekly meetings for everyone working on the project. Listening and contributing was a great way to stay motivated. We would give status reports on our progress and address any questions or ideas as a group.

The purpose of the project is to detect hairpin vortices, which are the areas where vortices shaped in a horseshoe formation make a loop from the surface of a wind tunnel. In between the rotating vortice legs there are areas of low Reynold's Shear Stress and low vorticity. The aerospace people were interested in the visualization of these structures to better understand how the structures are created and act.

After initially reading several papers on the vortices formed over the surface, I spent some time going over the current version of the code used to visualize the structures. I also familiarized myself with MUI, an OpenGL toolkit for making menus in C. Having used OpenGL in a previous graphics class I gravitated towards designing the user interface for the program. I added colorization options as well as providing a way for the user to determine what measurements they want to display. By increasing and defining the number of operations the program can perform, the user can zero in on a particular measurement or feature of the dataset(s).

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