About Me

One of my English professors, Melissa Malouf, argues with people like Natalie Goldberg who think that the best way to write is to draw on your own experiences. Face it, she says, you're not that interesting. People don't really want to hear about you all the time. While I think that comes across a little harsh to a beginning writer, I'm going to take the advice as it was intended and keep this informational page short.

So my name is Jennifer Bedell, and I can be reached about fifty times a day at jjbedell@yahoo.com. No, I don't know the origins of "Bedell", but a lot of my ancesters were Dutch. I'm sort of a Californian at heart, though I spent 4th-12th grade near Kansas City, Kansas. If you haven't seen it, you're not missing anything. I'm a rising junior at Duke University, where I started out undeclared, figured English couldn't hurt me, and then stumbled into a Computer Science course, the likes of which have since consumed most of my free time like a giant brainsucker from the sky.

If you're wondering where my "real" web site is, WriteAttack is a project I sort of started at one point but didn't have time to maintain. The Underground has some more personal dirt only interesting to people who either a) live in the Arts Theme House or b) spawned me or c) are ruthlessly mocked on the page. I run a Writers Workshop at Duke whose web site, suspended for the summer, is probably only interesting to writers.

More notable things about me include having the largest Meat Loaf collection on Napster (Meat Loaf isn't blocked yet! Get it now!). Um... I'm working on a fantasy trilogy on a world I call Kimara... that's about all the news fit to print.. Oh, and I'm currently listening to Three Dog Night. Some excellent stuff, if you've never tried them.

Jennifer Bedell